WordPress website builder- How to create website in wordpress for free

WordPress is an advanced website-building tool, especially for e-commerce and bloggers.
It lets to customize website with required plugins in a systematic way and with better themes. In this article. You will learn how to build a website for free in WordPress, to build a better website in WordPress for free. You have to follow the instructions given below the WordPress website builder.

Steps  to create a website in WordPress for free

1.First, buy a niche-related domain name with Better Hosting and connect the domain to your hosting.                 Click here to buy.

2. After this download WordPress in your Cpanel. (If you buy Hosting by Hostinger then you get Hpanel).              Click Here to download wordpress.

WordPress website builder

3. After downloading WordPress in your Cpanel, first download a better theme according to the type of your website.

4.After selecting a better theme you have to customize that theme, add important pages like terms and conditions, contact us, about us.

5.After completing the following editing of your website you need to download the plugins according to your needs.

6. After completing a good website, you have to get an SSL certificate for a loyal website.

This is the complete process to build  a wonderful website through wordpress. Do you want to build a website Click here


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