what is Kali Linux- Kali lunix

 Hey, it’s no secret that most of our internet usage is set at risk of being hacked by insecure messaging applications or misconfigured operating systems to counter this void of digital security penetration testing.  when vulnerability assessment Kali Linux has become a law when it comes to it. The operating system has become a more famous weapon in this fight against hackers. Linux distribution specially made for penetration testers Kali Linux has layers of features that we will cover in today’s lesson. So, today you will know what is Kali Linux.

what is Kali Linux ?

Kali Linux formerly known as a backtracking open-source Linux distribution intended for advanced penetration testing and security auditing. It includes several hundred tools that perform various information security tasks such as penetration testing, security research, computer forensics and reverse engineering are targeted for. Accessible and freely available to information security professionals and hobbyists among all Linux distributions.  Colinux takes its roots from the champion operating system Debian has for many years been a highly reliable and stable distribution that offers a collaborative desktop across operating systems, Provides an equally strong foundation.

Being able to modify practically every single part of our installation, the networking components of the callee are disabled by default, this is done to prevent any external factors from affecting the installation per variable that the host In addition can create risks and critical environment. In security it allows a deeper element of control to the most enthusiastic of users. But Kalilinux is not found from day one, how did it come into existence?


History of Kali Lunix

Let’s take a look at some of its history Kali Linux is based on years of knowledge and experience in penetration testing and building operating systems throughout all of these projects, which have only been a few different developers as the team has always been small. The first project is called War Pix. which stands for Whitehead Themes, as the name can be guessed it was based on the Knopix operating system, the underlying OS being Epix from versions 2.0 to 2.7, this paved the way for the next project. Known as wax or longhand. The name change, being Whitehead Slacks, was because the base OS was changed from Knoppix to Slacks VAX, which began in version three as it was a similar OS carried over from Pix.

At the same time auditor security collections were frequently was being shortened. The auditor who was once again using Knoppix combined his efforts with wax to create Backtrack Backtrack, which was based on Slackware from version one to version three. But later switched to Kubuntu with version 4 from version 5, Linux using the experience gained from this car came after Backtrack in 2013, with Carly running Debian stable as the engine under the hood before moving to Debian testing. Kali Linux became a rolling one when I started using it. Operating System

Features of Kali Lunix

Now that we understand the history and purpose of Calendar, let us learn a little more about its distinctive features, the latest version of Kali comes with over 600 penetration tools, each of the tools that Backtrack developers included. are already installed after quitting. Of the number of tools that either simply didn’t work or are imitations of other tools that provide the same or similar functionality, the Kali Linux team is made up of a small group of individuals who work together to package and interact with all the pooled trees. are reliable for. Many of which are done using secure protocols that restrict access of critical codebases to external assets, greatly reducing the risk of source contamination that puts Colinux users worldwide as direct victims of cybercrime. can harm Hello login tools are written in english.

what is kali lunix

Developers are shot with Carla which includes true multilingual support that allows more users to operate in their native language and find the tools they need for the job, without the user learning about the intricacies of the operating system. The more comfortable the accompanying one feels, the easier it is to configure and maintain a firm grip on the device as Allen based single board systems such as the Raspberry Pi become more and more popular.

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