What is Facebook ads Manager || About facebook Ads

                  In this article, you will understand what is Facebook Ads and how to run Facebook Ads.

             What is Facebook Ads-

Facebook is a advertising tool to achieve your advertising goals digitally. It lets you run multiple Facebook ad campaigns with your target audience. Facebook ads provide different tolls for targeting your target audience and increasing the status of your posts.

What is Facebook ads Manager

Process To run Facebook ads-

Step 1. First select your objective target and choose your campaign type based on your goal.

Step 2. Select your campaign and moderate it with your objective goal. For example, if you want to promote your Facebook page.

Step 3. After choosing your campaign, you need to create an audience. Target your audience according to your goal. We have a range of features to help you target your Custom Audience
Such as age targeting, gender targeting, location targeting, and more.

Step 4. After completing the following version your most important thing is to choose the budget and how many days to run Facebook ads.

Steps 5. After completing  the following task just click on the promotion. After clicking on the promotion your ad will go live for review and after completing the review your ad will go live.

Features of Facebook Ads-

There are several features of facebook ads:-

1. It allow the featured to target the Specific device as per your choice like :- ( Windows. IOS, Android)

2. Apply Contact list for the selected audions

3. It allow features to select the specific locations.

4. It allow features to select the specific Gender like :- ( All, Male . Femal )

I hope you understant that what is facebook ads manager and how to run a normal Ads. Click here for More useful Articles.  

This is the Whole ilibration that  What is Facebook ads Manager. I hope you Understant the exact meaning of Facebook Ads manager. Wikipidia

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