What is computer – Hardware and Software


Today we will know what is computer. And you also learn the two main parts of computer hardware and software, so let’s start with what is computer.


     What is computer?

The computer is an electronic device. What manipulates information or data the computer sees data as ones and zeros, But it knows how to combine them into much more complex things such as a photo movie website game and much more. It Computers combination of hardware and software


  1. Hardware

Hardware is any physical part of the computer.  which includes the internal components and the external parts like the monitor and keyboard

2. Software

Software is a  set of instructions that tells the hardware.  what to do such as a web browser media player or word processor

What is computer


why not most people say computer they’re talking about a personal computer this can be a desktop computer or a laptop.  Which has basically the same capabilities but in a more portable package personal computers come in a few different styles.  The most common type uses the Windows operating system Macs or Macintosh computers feature the Mac OS operating system.  While Chromebooks run on Chrome OS smartphones and other mobile devices mostly used the iOS or Android operating systems.

Computers come in many other shapes and sizes TV’s game consoles and even appliances like refrigerators can have built in computers although. They may not do everything a desktop or laptop can there’s another type of computer. That plays an important role in our lives servers a server sends information to other computers on a network. In, fact every time you use the Internet web servers deliver the web pages that you want to see to your computer servers are also used in many offices to store and share files.  As you can see there are many types of computers out there and each one plays a part in our modern world. Wikipidia


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