The greenest video call website in the world

Crewdle  is one of the best video call website in the world. It is best for every person who wants a video call facility.

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Connect  directly with  each other in the green world of video call website Crewdle

Benefits of Trying Crewdle

Crewdle  a green video call website with simple and secure, thanks to peer-to-peer technology.


By Connecting Crewdle directly to each other, It eliminates the need for servers and allows streams to travel the shortest distance possible.
A recent study conducted by Purdue University confirms that video conferencing platforms are major polluters. They produce up to 1kg of CO2 and use up to 12L of freshwater per hour of use per participant.

Crewdle is the greenest solution for all your video calls and video conferences needs.


Crewdle provides us high securites with high facility video call  . It taking our security as her security.
Videoconferencing solutions using servers to relay participants’ streams encrypt the streams. Allowing service providers to manipulate the information, sell it to third parties for advertising purposes.  And to  extract data for purposes that are not always clear.

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Crewdle means high security. 

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