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In this article, you will learn about the top 10 programming languages in 2021. so, lets start to know top 10 programming languages in 2021. WordPress


Top 10 programming languages in 2021..

  1. python

It  is an open source object oriented language with the graphical user interface. Which  is used for imaging software such as Inkscape and Paint Shop Pro  are written in Python. Python is an easy to use general purpose programming language that easily integrates with C as well as C++.  It now also offers cross browser support with over 1,000,000 repositories on GitHub and an average of 120 1000 US dollars Package.  Python is one of the most wanted programming skills for the year 2021. With the help of  Python skill  you can set very  easily launch companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and PDL.


2. java script

It is universally known as the language of web developers. It is a feature rich object oriented scripting language. Client side scripting language now boasts of major frameworks for both front end and back end development. Some popular frameworks based on javascript or node js react js angular and meteor. So much so if you have javascript on your resume More Opportunities Open For You. Tech startups like Google, Facebook, Dell, and SCP each offer an average of US$112,000.


3. Java

It is the most popular programming language. When it comes to number of job opportunities. There is wide community acceptance and developers community know that Java is an open source language.  Relatively easy to learn with many powerful features such as strong memory management backward compatibility top notch security and high performance it is a cross platform. The programming language that serves as the basis for many frameworks such as Spring Struts and Hibernate. Many programmers start out as Java developers in the IT industry. why not as a Java developer you can get enums from top notch companies like HCL to return $115,000. Tech Mahindra and Capgemini are not just that Java has a huge active community on GitHub with over 1.2 billion repositories.


4. Swift

Swift is an object-oriented block-structured programming language. Which boasts of features like better readability speed and dynamic libraries. These features ensure that fewer errors reduce the size of the application as well as better performance. Swift programming  is specially made for application development.  As the fact development organizations switch from Objective C to Swift. which also justifies its impact on Mac OS  and other Apple apps. Now search has two major frameworks like Cocoa and CloudKit. It has on GitHub companies like Amazon. There are over 156,000 repositories Walmart and Apple are easily hiring employees who are good at self-programming and have an average salary of $125,000 per year.


5. C#

It is simple object oriented programming language with a comprehensive set of libraries, now it accelerates the execution and compilation of programs. With more than 19,000 repositories on GitHub, the design is done for. It is one of the basic popular languages ​​when it comes to game development especially in Xbox Virtual Reality games and Unity 3D games, the two major frameworks used with csharp. Net and Xamarin and IntelligentSoft Philips And companies like Capgemini are hiring excessively. Skilled C sharp developers but average salary of $78000 per year.


6. Kotlin

Kotlin was one of the most trending programming language with Android Studio support. Which helps you to write less code with less bugs, now feel the framework you are used to with Kotlin or Kate or X and String why is Kotlin quite new in the market now, it’s more than 73,000 on GitHub And while a lot of companies are hiring, often the problem with developers is adult Led Scott Pinterest and Basecamp. The median salary for a Cortland developer now exceeds $120,000 a year.


7. R programming language

R is most popular for statistical analysis and data science is not just an open-source programming language. It has cross-platform compatibility and has over 6 million repositories on GitHub, but photos like this are commonly displayed in the financial sector when building statistical models as well as some highlights on the art or ability to analyze fraudulent transactions. The matter comes. One of the most renowned id for the art is now used to build web applications as well as deliver a rich library of over 10,000 packages for diverse needs. Can hire such as Facebook Twitter and Google The average salary is more than $121000 per year.

top 10 programming language

8. Golang

It has been developed by tech giant Google, such that currency is very hard to come by other programming languages, now Google’s versatility as a company is certainly reflected in this language as it extends machine learning to web development. but it’s highlight should be systems development that only you can go into like scope or high scalability, not despite being relatively new and it has some solid frameworks under its belt i.e. we have rebelled and People now has a budding community of over 110,000 repositories on GitHub. And companies like Cisco Capgemini Springboard TechSystems are hiring developers for more than $170,000 per year.


9. C and C++

These are often programming languages. Both these languages ​​act as stepping stones for budding programmers despite the availability of few quality alternatives in the modern market and now they rule almost 20% of the entire coding world along with the legacy system. Some built-in features Both these languages ​​have a large following with C at 9 million repositories on GitHub and C++ at 114,000, some examples of success in these two languages ​​are C and Adobe and Oracle C for eBay and Spotify. ++ are for major companies that are hiring. There are developers proficient in these languages. HP Huawei Vibro IBM I forbids hiring developers at an average salary of $114,000 per year.


10. PHP

It is one of those very prominent languages ​​that has been around for quite some time, it is mostly used to develop the dynamic sad that now 80% of all top 10 million social media websites sites. where  built from PHP, some very good examples  facebook and wikipedia now this language is simple fast and platform-independent. There is a huge community to support it with a wide repository of 524,000 on github, now php has frameworks like cake php laravel symfony and phalcon and oracle There are huge industry players like ACL. Motorola is easily hiring PHP developers for an average of $102,000 per year.

This is whole ilibration of top 10 programming language in 2021. wikipidia

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