Mind blowing inventions – 5 New Technology

Today we are going to talk about five Mind blowing inventions, which you will be surprised to know. These Mind blowing inventions.

5 Mind blowing inventions

  1. Artificial Intelligence

we promised we’d give you robot so we don’t like to disappoint the robots, we’re talking about don’t look like the ones from Star Wars lots of them like Alexa and Siri is there a computer program. what makes them robots is the fact they can take data. And analyze it and learn from it and keep on getting more intelligent or the ones on Google and Facebook that figure out.

what ads they should make pop up on your screen pen for when you actually leave your living room robots are already helping us build stuff and factories analyze financial reports act as a virtual nurses for patients in the future.  we could be talking about robots we have in our houses that will be able to cook for us to all kinds of boring jobs and outside of our house is doing dangerous ones like fighting fires or picking up radioactive waste and a whole load of other things. we’ll get into later in the video that’s because AI is already combining with pretty much every recent technology


  1. Brain-computer Interfaces

Imagine being able to control a computer mouse and a keyboard or a drone but just by thinking about it or hearing music not from speakers,  but that’s being streamed as straight into your brain maybe that thought blows your mind or perhaps.

it even creeps you out either way it’s already being developed and it’s coming soon and leading the way is company which is looking at ways to implant a chip they communicate with computers and  just in case you thought about streaming music directly to your brain.  But wait on Elon musk’s Twitter feed you’re not alone by the idea behind help humans compete with superintelligent robots disorders like depression and addiction by requiring bright matters.


  1. Living Robots

Next to completely different kinds of robots it’s so cute it makes you think it’s alive if you remember Tamagotchi.  I’m not talking about them called living robots are made of a real living tissue and could revolutionize medicine scientists have taken stem cells from frogs and they’ve used computer programs to assemble them into blobs about a millimeter in diameter they’re not robots.

As we know now and even though they come from living tissue they’re not classed as animals either they’re tiny programmable organisms.  That can move independently and could even work together as team they might even be able to sell feel their wounds remove plaque from arteries or take medicine into patients bodies it’s fascinating stuff.

Operating system

  1. Augmented Reality

If you played Pokémon Go chasing Pokémon is just the tip of the iceberg with this exciting technology.  And the boundaries are just going to keep growing overlaying digital images onto real life backgrounds could have all kinds of applications in the future like they are mammals think of the last time.  you had to fix a car engine but weren’t sure what you had to do forget looking for a tutorial on YouTube put on a pair of AR glasses or contact lenses then look at the engine.  with the help of a bit of AI the software will analyze the problem and then show you exactly what you have to do and then give you feedback.

on whether you’re doing it right how about a city guide that doesn’t just show you the best restaurants and nightlife on a map that will point.  it out to you in real time with menus and reviews appearing next and instead of seeing advertising billboards in the city.  your AR glasses will show you virtual adverts tailored for you which means it’s got big potential for advertising as well.  what about doing some online shopping for floats and see yourself wearing even though you’ve never been anywhere near getting a preview of how furniture will look in your room how’s work. Conference calling someone on the other side of the world and having them appear on your couch and these are just a few things they are could be bringing to us soon. 5 Mind blowing inventions

  1. Tactile Virtual Reality

For, any gamers out there you’ll know when you get hit in a game, you feel adult blood from your control panel tactile or haptic feedback. But it’s about to be taken to a whole new level imagine the same idea but in a bodysuit with sense transmitters all over it our experience. lets you feel the experience as well as see and hear it body suits like these that let you feel as well as a see and hear  virtual worlds. Are already on the market and they have uses in sports training rehabilitation and gaming to the technology.

It  is also being tested for training surgeons in simulation programs for practicing complicated surgery. it helps to be able to feel resistance of body tissues when they’re being cut into or some programs. That can do this make the training more realistic and they’re already in development nap.      Technology Wekipidia 

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