Example of operating system- About Operating system

Today we will learn about the Example of operating system, their meaning and their usage. Our main focus in this article is about Example of operating system.

Defintion of Operating system?

In the definition of computer, you have learned that a computer allows you to run a variety of operating systems. It is system software that manages system hardware software and provides better service to computer programs. There are so many operating systems, every OS has some common features. Like in smartphone we use Android OS, in computer we use windows manually. Today we discuss in detail about the operating system.

Example of operating system

  1. Android

Android is an open-source Linux-based operating system.It is a simple interface and user-friendly operating system, which is developed by Google. It contains several version which is changing day by day and every version is named on the basis of the sweet name and it is designed primarily for the touch screen. Android is the most used OS in the world, it is better and user friendly for everyone, even a non-educated person can run Android OS. It is commonly used in smartphones. It has been developed on 5 November 2007. It only provides the facility to do manual work, it is not made for official work.                                                                                                                     * More about Android Click here*


  1. Windows

This is an advanced OS for the official worker, it is the most used OS in the computer. It was officially launched by Bill Gate on 10 November 1983. It’s a surprise for all the official workers to manage their data base and controls.


Mac is an advanced operating system for Apple computers, it is used only on Apple. In this OS you get a hub to complete your official work. Mack was formally lunched on 24 March 2001, And C and C++ had an important role in developing it.

4. Lunix

Linux is an open-source operating system. it is mainly used for penetration testing, Linux is the most secured and powerful operating system, lots of hacking attacks is performed by Linux. it is the favorite operating system for hackers. Linux was developed in 17sep 1991,  Linux is working on the command form.                                *      More about lunix click here    *

Example of operating system

This is the example of operating system with example.
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