Dca cource syllabus

DCA stands for Diploma in Computer Application, it is a basic course for beginners who want to operate computer.In DCA course we learn about computer fundamentals, The duration of DCA  cource is 6 months, DCA course syllabus is to easy. DCA cource  is the most sought after course for beginners in the field of computer. DCA is essential for all those who wish to pursue a highly qualified course in the field of Computer Science.

Dca corce syllabus

Syllabus of DCA*
  1. Notepad

It is a simple text editing software.
In which we are only doing simple text editing software.

2.word pad
WordPad is advanced text editing software. It helps to edit our copied text.

3.MS Word
MS Word is an application software powered by Microsoft Office. It helps us write letters, applications, and more.

4. Ms paint
MS-Paint is graphic design software. It is commonly used for creating logos, designing photos at a basic level.

It is a spreedsheet program, It is advanced accounting software powered by Microsoft. This is the most commonly used software.

6.Photoshop                                                                                                                                                                                   In this software you study how to edit photos and how to manage their size and it is coming under graphic designing.

7.power point
In Powerpoint, you learn how to create a presentation for your office.

8. Hindi typing
In Dca you know about Hindi typing that how to write Hindi in computer software.

9. Basic web development
In this you know about markup language HTML means Hyper Text Markup Language.

In addition, you study computer hardware and some additional knowledge may vary depending on the curriculum of your institution.

Cource Duraction= 6 months

Cource Fee- 3500 aproxely. For Dca cource Click here

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