About Dark web

For understanding the meaning of the dark web first you may have to understand that the internet was made by three layers: the surface web, the deep web, and the dark web.

The surface web is a normal web that is searched by us every time. Ex-Google search engine like https://uniqueknowledges.com/

The deep web is that web page which search engines can’t access. it is hidden and password locked.

The dark web is an underworld of the internet, Where every type of work is done. This is a crime hub on the internet. it is published for everyone in 1990 by the USA government.

USA government make this web for exchanging their personal data anonymously, the important benefit of this Dark web is that no IP address is recorded on this web that is why in this web data were exchanged without IP address.

USA government created this Dark web for their better use, but the Black hat hacker is using this web for illegal purposes. For visiting the Dar web you need a special browser named “Tour Browser”. it is illegal in Uk and US. it is also called the onion router because it is using the technique of onion routing.

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