ADCA syllabus- Full form and Duration

Today we are going to discuss about Adca course, In this we discuss Adca syllabus, adca defintion, Adca duration. Today we discuss the complete details of ADCA. Our main focus in this article will be about the Adca syllabus.

About Adca

ADCA stands for Advanced Diploma in Computer Application, it is a professional course for every new computer user who wants to learn about computer. In this course you learn computer from basic. It is the most demanded  course in the world.

Adca syllabus

  1. Fundamentals of Computer

In this course we learn computer from basic to advanced, in Adca cource  we start with basic of computer like how computer works, types of computer and many more basic theory of computer.

  1. Notepad

Notepad is a simple text editing software. In this software we learn how to edit text in a basic way.

  1. Wordpad

It is an advanced text editing software powered by Microsoft Office. In this software we learn to edit text in advanced  way.

  1. Ms-word

Ms-word is application software. it helps to write letters, applications, paragraphs, question papers, etc. It is a part of micro-soft office package.

5. Ms- paint
MS-Paint is basic graphic designing software powered by Microsoft Office.
  1. Ms-excel

MS-Excel is a spreadsheet program powered by Microsoft Office. It helps to keep records and inlay data in there row and column. It is part of Microsoft Office. It helps to keep our data in order.


Ms-powerpoint is Persistence software powered by Microsoft Office. It helps in making an attractive presentation for your official work.

8.Hindi Typing

In Adca course you learn to type Hindi in computer

  1. Grapic desigining

In Graphic Designing you learn editing of photos and videos etc. In this you learn Photoshop and video editing software.

  1. Basic of HTML

HTML is a markup language used to design web pages.

  1. Data operating

In data operating we learn to operate data in a sequential manner and organize it in authoritative form.

adca syllabus


Adca Duraction

It depends on the student in how many days they complete the course, but according to the institute 1 year is required to complete the Adca.


Adca fess

The Fess of Adca is not fixed, it depends on the institute, but most of the institutes demand around 7000 aprox.

Carrer option after completing  Adca syllabus

After completing the Adca  course you become able to manage the computer, then you can work in any company starting from around 10,000, or you can start your own business by opening a cyber cafe.              Click here To know about DCA.

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