5 common attacked performed by the hacker


  1. Phishing attack

Phishing is  a most dangerous attack  by hacker, This is performed by sending the link to the victim.

And when the victim were entering the information to link than the following information

were transferred to the hacker

2.  Malware

By this attack, hacker creating a harmful software and sending to the victim. and  if the  victim were

installing   that application to their system than the hacker got access of their system

  1. SQL injection

By this attack hacker were injecting the harmful code or virus to the trustable software

like Facebook, phone pay, Instagram and more.

  1. Business Email compromise

IN this attack hacker were sending a virus through the mail to the victim and after downloading  that

file system may got hacked.

  1. USB rubber ducky.

BY this technique hacker were injecting the virus in the USB and when that USB were connected to the

system than the password of that system were hacked.

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